Using the word cracker for intensive tier 3 intervention

Tier 3 Intervention Tier 3 students are those who experience challenges with their literacy development. Generally, these students are taught in a 1-1 or 1-2 teaching ratio. These students are typically slow decoders due to their underlying difficulties. They require the depth and the detail when learning a new teaching point and will often require […]

Teaching morphology in the classroom

Word Cracker resources are built to be used to teach morphology no matter which scope and sequence a school use. However, the Word cracker includes a suggested progression and sequence for teaching morphology in the classroom. Our member’s section has detailed lesson suggestions that provide everything you need to explicitly teach important aspects of morphology […]

What is morphology?

Phonemes and graphemes If you have been teaching reading and spelling in line with evidence, then you’re familiar with the –emes; phonemes and graphemes that make up the –ology that we’ve all become very used to teaching, talking about and assessing – phonology! Phonology is non-by-passable stage of reading and spelling development, but we know […]