Morphology and Spelling

Morphology and its relation to Spelling Why, when, and how to incorporate it in literacy teaching. In this article, we are going to examine the role of morphology in relation to spelling, the nemesis of many a student! We will consider its helpful role in developing spelling skills [the why we should utilize this valuable […]

What is morphology and how do I teach it at home?

Help! I’m a parent who has heard about morphology as an important part of literacy teaching, but I’m not even sure what the term means! Furthermore, what are these so-called benefits? Will it really make a difference to my child’s literacy development? You may be a homeschooling parent or a parent/carer who wants to support […]

Using the word cracker for intensive tier 3 intervention

Tier 3 Intervention Tier 3 students are those who experience challenges with their literacy development. Generally, these students are taught in a 1-1 or 1-2 teaching ratio. These students are typically slow decoders due to their underlying difficulties. They require the depth and the detail when learning a new teaching point and will often require […]